Architectural Services

Replan offer a number of different services depending on your situation and project, see below:

Design Brief

The first stage of any project will be to meet and discuss your ideas.

This initial meeting is of no cost to you, and there is no obligation to use our service.

We will take your design brief for the project and provide you with a fee quote and timescales for completing each stage.


Once appointed on your project, usually the next stage will be a survey of the property to create a set of existing plans, elevations and sections.

This information will then be used as a basis for the proposals moving forwards.

Sketch Schemes

Once the existing information has been drawn, the process of designing sketch proposals will begin.

The sketch proposals will incorporate your design brief, tailoring the proposed designs to your specific requirements.

Once we have reached a design that you are happy with, we can move onto the next stage of works.

Planning Applications

After the Sketch Scheme stage of works, the finalised designs can be submitted to the local council as a Planning Application.

The local council charges a planning application fee (which is separate to our fees) and this will vary depending on the type of application.

Application fees relating to the extension of one property are usually £206.00 (paid directly to the local authority).

Application fees for the creation of a new dwelling are usually £462.00 (paid directly to the local authority).

Once the application has been submitted it will be around 8 weeks before a decision is reached.

Building Regulations

After planning permission is granted on your project the next stage is to ensure that the proposed scheme will be Building Regulation compliant.

During this stage, a package of drawings will be complied that can be submitted to Building Control to gain approval.

Once this package of drawings has been approved, it can be passed to a number of builders so that they can provide you with a price for the works.

This stage of works is usually quicker than the planning process. Once completed drawings have been submitted, you can expect feedback from Building Control in 2 to 4 weeks.